With my book, One-Moment Meditation, I re-framed traditional thinking about meditation—showing busy people how to meditate in just a moment. As founder of the One Moment Company, my focus now is on the dynamic power of this moment for leadership, innovation, and momentum. Because one moment really can change everything ...

Martin Boroson

Invest in the moment

Yes, it seems paradoxical: Investment is about the future, but the moment is about right now. Investment creates something enduring, yet the moment is fleeting. But investment in this moment could be the best you ever make, and here’s why …

Investing in the moment can help you:

  1. Get real

    You can’t get there without being here. Take this moment to do a reality check.

  2. Create calm

    Stress helps nothing. Take a moment for stillness—then start working smart.

  3. Cultivate Presence

    Presence comes from being present. Get to know yourself in this moment, now.

  4. Pay attention

    Poor focus causes big problems. This moment gives you a chance to wake up.

  5. Stay current

    Live at the edge. With present-moment awareness, you never miss a now.

  6. Be resilient

    Feeling overloaded? It only takes a moment to reboot your mind.

  7. Find solutions

    Don't throw old solutions at new problems. This moment always offers a new point of view.

  8. See opportunity

    Take off the blinders. Each moment gives you a new way forward.

  9. Develop possibilities

    Need creative thinking? Being "in the moment" puts you in a state of play.

  10. Unleash momentum

    Take off the shackles and get ready to move. This is the moment you've been waiting for.

  11. 10 Reasons to Invest in the Moment

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Down to business

  • Speaking

    Keynotes and interactive sessions that give delegates provocative ideas and powerful productivity tools to use immediately.

  • Coaching

    Executive training for stress management, deeper decision-making, and creative renewal.

  • Media

    Playful promotions that make meditation accessible. Commentary on the value of present-moment awareness in work, life, and politics.