Learn to lead in the moment

Marty's personal training services are offered to a limited number of senior executives and thought-leaders. They are also available as private Board retreats.

One-Moment Meditation Executive Personal Training

Whether you want to calm down quickly or deepen leadership presence, this confidential personal training in One-Moment Meditation can help. Marty helps you overcome any obstacles to meditation and designs a One-Moment Meditation practice just for you—customized to meet your goals and fit your schedule.

As you consider whether this training is what you need, take a moment to imagine how much more effective you will be when you are able to recover from stress quickly, gain control of your mind, and use powerful moments of clarity to achieve your goals.

Breakthrough Decision-Making

Using a wide range of powerful decision-making techniques, from the practical to the visionary, and the analytic to the intuitive, you will learn how to remove your decision-making blind spots, go right to the cutting edge of your own wisdom, and generate an unlimited stream of innovative ideas.

This training is a perfect match for you–whether you want new insight on an urgent decision or you want to be able to find enlightened solutions all the time.

The Vision Intensive Creative Self-Renewal for Leaders

No matter how successful you are, at some point you may lose your edge, feel depleted, or just grow weary of doing or saying the same old things. What you crave is renewal, the vibrant feeling that comes when you reconnect with your passion and find a brand new vision. Using powerful techniques employed by visionaries and artists, this training shows you how to mine the vast resources of your inner landscape, to find your deeper vision and manifest it.

In this intensive and highly individualized process, Marty will help you through a profound process of exploration and transformation, using wisdom techniques such as meditation, dream analysis, and breathwork. Marty brings to this process a lifetime of experience in guiding people through the deepest processes of inner transformation.

This training is only for leaders who can no longer afford to live inauthentically and who are truly ready to make major change, whether you need a radical new idea for your business … or a whole new way of being.