This moment in the media

From playful media collaborations on stress awareness … to deeper perspectives on mindfulness, leadership and the experience of time.

Stress Awareness Month on

For National Stress Awareness Month, Martin presented a thirty-day series on called “Transform Stress in 30 Days with One-Moment Meditation.”

The National Moment of Stillness

In Ireland, Martin created “The National Moment of Stillness” in which thousands of people stopped driving and stopped working to experience thirty seconds of total silence together, live on national radio. Said the host, Derek Mooney, “The whole nation was enthralled.”


For the Federation of Organic Milk Groups, Martin devised and presented the “Take a Mooment™” radio campaign, consisting of interviews for nineteen BBC stations in which Martin got the radio hosts (and their audiences) to moo with him for stress relief.

Meditating in Grand Central Station

Yes, you can meditate anywhere, even in rush hour. Watch Marty help this WABC-TV reporter learn how to slow down fast in Grand Central Station.

Over 1 Million Views

Translated into many languages, and used in corporate learning portals,  Marty’s short animated film, “How to Meditate in a Moment” has helped over one million people realize that they really CAN meditate and reduce stress in a minute or less.

How to Meditate in a Moment