Can the Leap Second Change Your Life?

by Martin Boroson

Use your leap second wisely. Meditation. Mindfulness. Time Management

On Tuesday, the whole world will get an extra second.

The official reason for this leap second is that the earth, despite our best intentions, doesn’t run like clockwork. So, every few years, those who keep time for us have to change the time in order to keep things ticking over nicely.

Maybe you think this is inconsequential. Even discussing it might seem like a waste of precious time. After all, how much can you get done in one little second? And don’t the really important things in life take time? Unless you work in a high-precision industry, or you’re watching an online clock on June 30 at midnight UTC (8 PM Eastern), you might not even notice this little gift of time.

But a lot can happen in one second.

In just one second, you can send a tweet that ruins your reputation. In just one second, you can take your eyes off the road. Or, in just one second, you can break your own ultramarathon record. In just one second, you can read a few words that brighten your day. In just one second, you can look into someone’s eyes and say, “Yes.”

Some of the best things in life don’t take time at all–they happen in a moment.

It only takes a moment to have a mind-blowing realization. It only takes a moment to have a breakthrough idea–to conceive an innovation that changes the world. And it only takes a moment to focus your mind on what you value most–and start the next moment from a position of real strength.

It also only takes a moment to open your heart wide. It only takes a moment to beam love out across the universe, completely shattering the boundaries of space and time. And it only takes a moment to receive that love, too.

Of course, the adjustment on June 30 will be to our time-keeping devices, not to life itself. And that’s because life–completely oblivious to human time-keeping–just moves along as it always does, moment by moment. In other words, you can think of the leap second an adjustment to our perception and experience of time.

This means that the leap second could actually be considered a global event of some significance. For the leap second invites us to reflect on how we spend time. It gives us an opportunity to make every second count. And it invites us consider what we–individually and collectively–could accomplish with just one second of focused intention.

So, when your leap second arrives on Tuesday, please use it wisely.

If you’re very enthusiastic, however, there’s no need to wait–you can have a pretty amazing moment right now.


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